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You’re Shrinking – What You Can Do About It

Posted by Dr Beverley Marr on

Are You Shrinking - Is It Natural Aging? 



posture shrinking aging spine alignment

In youth, we’re invincible – at least that’s what we like to think. Then, as the years pass, we learn the truth. Not only are we not invincible, but also, we’re actually starting to break down. Ugh. Aging is never fun. But, there are some very real benefits to growing old – wisdom, friendships, and experience. However, there are also some glaring realities. Here’s one: I’m shrinking! Yes, it’s true. Not long after your 30th birthday, your body starts to shrink.Luckily, there are steps you can take to slow the process. Here’s some information on why we shrink as we age, and what you can do about it.

 Height Loss Is Part of the Normal Aging Process

Believe it or not, some height loss with age is completely normal. In fact, beginning around age 30, most people lose close to a quarter of an inch per decade! Unfortunately, the older you get, the faster the shrinking process. Why does it happen? Well, there are several factors. For one, discs in the spine dry out and become thinner, which compresses the spine, reducing height. Discs are important, acting like shock absorbers when you move. As you age, so do your discs, and that contributes to height loss. Other factors include bone loss, also known as osteoporosis and even flattening of the arches of the feet!  

  How to Mitigate Height Loss – Spinal Flexibility


posture shrinking aging spine alignment

There is something to be said for the downward dog, and yoga does help maintain height with age. How? Remember the discs that are drying in the spine? The easiest way to keep them hydrated is through movement and flexibility. And the premise of yoga? You guessed it, flexibility! Basically, the more rigid the spine, the more pressure is placed on the discs. Likewise, the more flexible the spine, the taller you stand. Yoga is a proven activity to increase spinal flexibility and decrease height loss, but it isn’t always a practical or convenient option.

 The PurePosture Solution

Here’s an alternative. PurePosture is a simple, convenient way to increase spinal flexibility in minutes a day. The board has been tested on hundreds of users looking to increase flexibility and increase height with great results! Using laser levels to calculate exact positions, participants agreed to have profile pictures taken before and after using the PurePosture board. Pre and post calculations were compared. In every single case, height increased, with results ranging from ½" to 2 ½" height increase! Is this a miracle? Not at all, it’s science. PurePosture lengthens the spine by stretching the spinal ligaments, the joints and the muscles in the back, in that order.

The good news? If PurePosture can significantly increase your height in minutes a day, you will be motivated to use it. PurePosture board is best understood like a long-term fitness plan. One afternoon at the gym doing arm curls will not give you fantastic arms! But the more you do it, the stronger and leaner your arms become. PurePosture works exactly the same way. The more flexible your spine, the easier it is for your body to maintain a gorgeous, tall stance.

Try these four easy stretches before you get out of bed. It will make you happy.

For more information and why achieving spinal flexibility and an aligned spine click here.  A revolutionary product designed by chiropractors to improve posture and reduce back pain, PurePosture promotes a straighter, properly aligned spine.

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