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Easy Morning Stretches

Stretches Before Getting Out Of Bed

These four easy stretches will help your back feel great before you even get out of bed. If your back is stiff in the morning, do these every day. 


Step One

posture stretches spinal alignment  posture stretches spinal alignment

Lay flat on your back. Making sure that you’re nice and straight, bring your knee to your chest, while slowly exhaling. Concentrate on the feeling of your lower back and hamstrings stretching. Repeat on your other side.

Step Two

posture stretches spinal alignment

Now bring your both knees to your chest, still focusing on the stretching feeling in your back. Once again, slowly exhale as you do this.

Step Three

posture morning stretches spine alignment   posture morning stretches spine alignment
Spread both arms out to your side. With your upper back pressed flat on the bed, slowly move your legs so that both your knees are pointing in the same direction while moving your head to look in the opposite direction. Slowly move your head and knees in the opposite directions, repeating on the other side.

Step Four

posture morning stretches spine alignment
Gradually get up, put your feet on the ground, and begin your day. Notice the looseness of your back, and the lack of pain as you move!

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