I have tried multiple devices and this simple dude is a real difference maker. -Jeffrey 6/15/2017

☆☆☆           A SUGGESTION.
Consider including 2 different height of inserts with the board. If mine were a little lower it would be more comfortable and I'd use it more often. Some of us may have to work up to the height that comes with it. - 5/30/2017

☆☆☆☆☆     It's Great!!  5/25/2017

☆☆☆☆☆     I LOVE THIS THING! 
My boss bought one and I used her’s every day. She bought me one for Christmas! Yay! - Juliette 4/15/17

☆☆☆☆☆      SO FAR SO GOOD!
I think this is the type of product that results will be hard to measure. I absolutely love it though. Like most people I have to much forward head posture, so this product should do the trick over time as it helps me re-align my spine and neck. The craftsmanship is quality.- John

I absolutely love this product. I have been unhappy with my posture for years. I would try on my own to pull my shoulders back while sitting or standing, but could never maintain it for more than a few minutes. Enter the Pure Posture Board. After 3 months of consistent daily use, my posture has totally transformed and now I don't even have to think about pulling my shoulders back - they already are and I am so pleased. I have already purchased a second Board for a family member!- Jackie G

☆☆☆☆☆      I’M TALLER!!
Not only has this amazing technology increased my posture by 2"; and I am so much more flexible plus it helps alleviate my back spasms! The best part -get relief within 5-10 minutes right at my home!- Lisa on 10/23/16

☆☆☆            EXPENSIVE, BUT HELPS 
I have needed to ease into the Board gently, both going up and down; but it does seem to help my back remember to relax and maintain a better posture; Kudos

As a yoga instructor and always seeing over other people's bodies, I have found PurePosture to be such an asset from all the assisting and constant practice I find myself doing. At the end of a long, physical day, PurePosture is a welcome relief to restore my own body. Having recovered from a whiplash accident of the cervical spine along with ongoing scoliosis PurePosture is the perfect way to maintain good spinal health. I recommend PurePosture to my clients and have seen the results before my eyes. - Brooke 9/1/15

I received my Pure Posture on Tuesday, six days ago, and I’ve used it two times a day every other day since. What follows are my initial thoughts and impressions.

I’m a sloucher. I slouch while driving a car. I’ve tried not to, but it just didn’t feel right sitting upright behind the wheel. I slouch at work. I spend several hours a day all week long hunched over an examination microscope in my office and twice a week in a hospital OR, hunched over an operating microscope. I walk regularly, typically for thirty to sixty minutes daily. I’m hunched over then, too. Not exactly the picture of victorious living… a slumped-over middle-aged man. Yesterday, I discovered myself NOT hunched over the steering wheel, but sitting straight up. Interesting. I’ve had a few people say I seemed to have grown taller. I’m 6’2", but I bet I’m under 6 foot when slouching. Today, on a walk, I noticed I’m standing upright. I look confident in the mirror, not cowering.

Why did I purchase Pure Posture? Some people in my profession have had neck and back problems, a few requiring early retirement. Some people feel it is from the poor posture prolonged microscopy tends to encourage. I started developing upper thoracic/lower cervical discomfort a few weeks before ordering the Pure Posture. As luck would have it, the discomfort seemed to improve the day before it arrived, so I can’t know whether it would’ve help. Time will tell.

I read through the Maker conversation comments and some people expressed dismay over the price. Nearly $300 may sound like a lot for a piece of wood, but you’re paying for the value that’s been added to the wood, not just for the wood. As a small businessman myself, I understand the need for profits. It’s how I pay the electric bill and the rent. My employees count on profit to pay for their salary, their health insurance, and their retirement plans. Unless you’re a member of the clergy, if the business you work for doesn’t generate a profit, you should look for a new job, because your current job won’t last long.

I’ve already received my money’s worth just in the change in my appearance. Three hundred bucks to NOT look like a crumpled old man? Sign me up! - Greg M

An awesome product especially for those who spend hours at a computer! Not only did it help improve posture but also reduced upper body pain.

I have gone to physical therapy, massage therapy, acupuncture and a chiropractor for years and years. Today is the first time in 15 years I woke up with NO BACK PAIN after using the board for 3 days. Congratulations, you have a real winner here! - John 12/12/16

☆☆☆☆☆     IT’S A GREAT BOARD!
I've been using PurePosture for several months now and I feel it’s a great board. It has improved my posture a great deal since I'm a ballroom dancer and need good posture. My dance instructors noticed the change as well. - Debbie 11/15/16

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