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PurePosture can be used on the floor, a weight bench or even an ottoman. We don't recommend using it on a bed, beds are too soft and difficult to move on. Make sure the surface is stable enough to support your weight with no chance of falling off.

Use a timer. Your cell phone works great. Set for 1 to 2 minutes per level.  

Begin at the top of your spine, slowly lay down using your elbows for support. The risers should be just below where your neck meets your upper back. You will feel pressure points but within seconds PurePosture will begin to release the tension and stress between the vertebra. It may be uncomfortable at first.



After 1-2 minutes, slide your body up (headward) about 2". Continue moving up the board for a total of 5 different positions. When the risers are in the small of your back, this is the last position and that's it, you're done.  

• Breathing deeply will help to relax the muscles surrounding your spine.

• The places that are most uncomfortable indicate your problem areas.

• Relax your feet! Allow your legs and feet to fall into a wide "V".

• Place your arms out to the side, palms up. This will help relax your chest muscles and unroll your shoulders.

• When you move on the board, slip your thumbs into the handle to secure that the board does not move when you slide up


• A maximum of about 5 minutes per area is sufficient to make the corrections.

• It's OK to nod off while on the board, but sleeping is a no-no. You will wake up sore if you stay in one area more than 10 minutes or so.

• If your spine feels too stretched or PurePosture is too uncomfortable, place a pillow under your head. If the discomform remains, possibly the risers are too tall for you. We can replace them with a more appropriate size.

- If you find your spine isn't getting a good enough stretch, the risers are probably not as high as you need. Time to order the next size up. - You can use PurePosture daily, even more than once a day.  

• You may feel a bit dizzy after you sit up. This is normal and will resolve after a few seconds.

PurePosture for the Neck

PurePosture can also be used as a device to traction or to extend your neck. This is helpful if the muscles. especially at the base of your head, feel tight. Some people find using PurePosture in this way helps to relieve "tension" type headaches.

It is pretty simple to use, Lay on the board with your head just at the end of the risers, as shown, just below the bump on the back of your head. Without lifting your head, wiggle your body slightly down (toward your feet), this automatically tucks in your chin. Do not use for any longer than 2 minutes as the delicate muscles at the base of your head can get sore. It is important to relax your shoulders and keep them down and resting comfortably.

How to Change the Risers

Popping off the risers is simple to do. Usually, you can gently wiggle them our using your hands. However, because this is a natural product and humidity can swell the wood, you may need to use a bit more force.

Flip the board over and push on the riser pegs. This should do the trick.

If they are really stuck use a golf tee or the like and with a hammer gently tap the riser pegs until they become loose. You can then pull them off with your hand.