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How To Get Rid Of Buffalo Hump

February 01, 2023 4 min read



It's Called a Buffalo Hump. 

A lump of fat on the back of your neck. 

Its bad for your neck because it forces your head forward from your overly rounded upper back.


More women than men have a buffalo hump. It often starts showing at about 30 years old, but it can show up earlier. Buffalo hump typically gets larger with age.

Tradition medicine believes Buffalo Hump is caused by a change in hormone levels, particularly chronic high levels of cortisol (the stress hormone). A fluctuation (lowering) of other hormones specifically estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone can also play a role.

It is often associated with Cushing's Disease, a mostly benign condition affecting the pituitary gland. The most obvious characterization of Cushing's is increased fat at the base of the neck.

Another factor is posture. As posture becomes more slouched the Buffalo Hump will look larger.  


The 'look' of a Buffalo Hump is caused by your head being too far forward.

and it will continue to get bigger.  


Buffalo Hump looks larger the more your head continues to move forward. The more slouched you are, the bigger the Buffalo Hump. It's about posture!

Poor posture along with a Buffalo Hump affects all functions of the cervical spine.


A more vertically aligned head reduces the look of a Buffalo Hump.

More important though, being aligned saves the neck from degenerative joint disease (DJD) and arthritis. There is also less neck and shoulder strain.

Everyone, regardless of age, can improve this!  

forward head carriage iS OFTEN CONFUSED WITH buFfalo hump

buffalo hump posture corrector for women pureposture

Forward head carriage is when your head is OUT IN FRONT of your body instead of on top of your body. 

This position causes bones in the neck and upper back to flex forward and stick out. It looks the same as a Buffalo Hump.

(All images show in this blog are 'before-and-after' trying PurePosture the first time)

WE KNOW forward head carriage causes many problems in the cervical spine and upper back, including headaches, shoulder pain, upper back pain, numbness and tingling in the hands. People who work with their heads down and forward like dentists, accountants, IT pros, all struggle with it.

Years, even decades, of having your body in this position causes damage to the neck. The bones change their shape, discs flatten out and sometimes herniate. It is also a major cause of early arthritis in the neck.  


For Every 1" Your Head Is Forward An Extra 10 Pounds of Weight Is Loaded Onto Your Neck. 

So if your head is 3 inches forward of verticle, that a means30 POUNDS of additional and unneeded weight is loaded onto the smallest and weakest part of your entire spine!


buffalo hump posture corrector for women pureposture

Eventually, this extra load forces the head to go even farther forward. And the Buffalo Hump looks even bigger.

Posture like this can trigger even more fat to form at the base of the neck! It's nature's way to protect the delicate bones in the cervical spine. 

The truth is, consequences of a Buffalo Hump is largely preventable. What's more, it is NOT AGE RELATED.

Ignoring proper alignment in your neck looks bad AND can severely limit critical neck function.  

How frustrating it is not being able to look over your shoulder while driving or always having to use a pillow to prop your head when laying down.

The only way your neck feels normal is when you are looking down. That is NOT okay. 


Posture corrector for women buffalo hump pureposture

It makes sense carrying your body in better alignment is a good thing.

Your body was built symmetrically but poor posture habits and gravity pull you down and force your head forward.

Alarming is the fact that Millennials are more at risk because they started using electronic devices as children. This makes them more vulnerable to future back and neck problems, and developing a Buffalo Hump.



Whether you already have a Buffalo Hump, or fear you may be heading that way, action can be done to fix it NOW!

Start by correcting your head position. Good head position starts in the upper, mid back, and between the shoulder blades. Fix this area and your head and neck will naturally line up in the optimal position.

PurePosture aligns the entire spine, from the top of your neck to the lowest part of your sacrum.


Here are a few other facts about poor posture:

Many people who lift weights overdevelop their chest and arms without equally developing their back muscles. This causes the shoulders to roll forward often making it impossible for the arms to drop vertically or even straighten out - a perfect set up for rotator cuff tears.

The combination of weak upper back muscles along with tight, short chest muscles is the big reason why its difficult to maintain good posture. You are fighting against yourself.


PurePosture is a one-of-a-kind spinal alignment device to align your spine, increase flexibility, and solve neck and back pain. It is easy to use, safe and quick. Most important, it's effective. Check it out today!