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posture Dr. Chris Sova Dr. Beverley Marr

It should come as no surprise sometimes even chiropractors need a helping hand to adjust and align their spine.

This was the inspiration for our revolutionary, patented product - PurePosture.


Designed by a husband and wife chiropractic team, Dr. Chris Sova and Dr. Beverley Marr, PurePosture was a project fueled by a passion for helping people keep their spine aligned for better health and well-being.

After much trial and testing- including versions that used angled foam wedges and rolled up yoga mats - PurePosture was perfected when Dr. Chris decided to experiment with wood to create this powerful orthopedic solution.

After over 4 years in development, and tested on hundreds of people, the final version of PurePosture was readied for patient use and eventually into wider markets. 

"Prior to making the product available to the general public, we tested PurePosture on many people who had no back pain.  Finally, we knew it was safe, efficient to be incorporated in our own practice and used by our patients with spinal problems. The reactions from our patients is overwhelming! People love it and want to use at home."

"We are convinced PurePosture can change the face of spinal care forever!"

Each PurePosture device is custom designed for the user to promote a straighter, properly aligned spine. Created and used by a chiropractor, you can trust this investment is one that pays dividends in correct alignment, improved posture, increased flexibility and less back pain.GET YOURS TODAY

About the Inventors

posture Dr Beverley Marr Dr Chris Sova

Dr. Chris Sova and Dr. Beverley Marr met in Chiropractic College in 1994.  Since then, they’ve rarely been apart.

They practice together, commute together, raised their son together.

Not only devoted life partners, they are best friends. Their product, PurePosture is a collective collaboration developed by the pair.

Dr. Chris worked ‘hands on’ as the inventor while Dr. Bev helped in the design process by acting as the ‘product tester’ and in recruiting patients to try out the device. 

These days, Dr. Chris handles all production aspects of the product along with research and development.  Dr. Bev manages branding and marketing. To accommodate the exponential demand for their PurePosture product, they scaled back on their Stamford, CT practice to devote themselves to the project.  

posture Dr Chris Sova fishing

In his spare time, Dr. Chris loves spending time outdoors and loves fish… catching them and swimming with them. Every Thursday you can watch him hand feed halibut and then take a dive with the sharks at the Maritime Center in Norwalk, CT.   

Dr. Bev invented The SOAR Method for PerfectPosture, a sequential 15-minute stretch and strengthen video originally developed for equestrians (they are always getting injured!) and eventually introduced to her general patient population. Because of this work she was dubbed “The Posture Guru.” 

posture Dr Beverley Marr dancing

As for her spare time, she recently replaced dressage riding with ballroom dancing.  She regularly competes in the Northeast. If you ask her which dance is her favorite, don’t be surprised when she answers, “The next one!”

Together, you can regularly find them working out, or hiking/running through the woods with their dog, Lily. They love art, design, sailboats, hats and good eating.  

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