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Dr Beverley Marr, Dr Chris Sova, pureposture, posture, chiropractors

It should come as no surprise, sometimes even chiropractors need a helping hand to adjust and align their spine.

This was the inspiration for the revolutionary, patented product - PurePosture.

Designed by a chiropractic team, Dr. Chris Sova and Dr. Beverley Marr, PurePosture was a project fueled by a passion for helping people maintain their spinal alignment for better health and well-being.

The project began in 2012 when, after a back injury, Dr Chris was seeking anything to release the pain and tension between his shoulder blades. Nothing in their clinic did the trick, including many chiropractic adjustments! He said, "If I could just throw myself over something to release my back...." They turned to the web and found nothing. There were plenty of the usual tools, but not one thing that could actually adjust the spine. How could this be?

Out of necessity Dr Chris decided to invent one. For months they prototyped many versions, including attaching foam rollers, tennis balls, angled foam wedges to a stable surface. None were very effective and some were down right painful. Then Dr. Chris decided to experiment with wood.

It took almost a year to come up with a version ready to try out on the public. The product had to meet four important criteria: First, do no harm. Second, it had to be effective. Third, it had to be comfortable. Last, it had to be easy to use.

They tested PurePosture on people who, at the time, had no back pain. During the trial, they took "before and after" pictures and were absolutely blown away at the significant improvement in everyone's posture! Some of them gaining up to 3" in height after laying on the board for 7 minutes, the very first time!

"In practice we have the opportunity to help hundreds of people. With PurePosture we can affect millions of people! We are convinced PurePosture can change the face of spinal care forever!"

Each PurePosture product is designed to promote a straighter, properly aligned spine. Created and used by chiropractors, you can trust this investment is one that pays dividends in correct alignment, improved posture, increased flexibility and less back pain.GET YOURS TODAY!


Dr Beverley Marr, Dr Chris Sova, pureposture, posture, chiropractor

Dr. Chris Sova and Dr. Beverley Marr met at the University of Bridgeport College of Chiropractic in 1994.  

Their product, PurePosture is a collaboration developed by the pair.

Dr. Chris worked ‘hands on’ as the inventor and prototype maker, while Dr. Bev helped in the design process, was the ‘product tester’ and in recruiting others to try out the device.

These days, Dr. Chris handles all production aspects of PurePosture along with research and development. Dr. Bev manages branding, IT, and marketing. To accommodate the exponential demand for their product, they scaled back their Stamford, CT practice to devote themselves full time to the project.  

Dr Chris Sova, pureposture, posture, chiropractor

In his spare time, Dr. Chris loves spending time outdoors and loves fish… catching them, eating them, and swimming with them. For many years he was a shark diver and halibut feeder at the Maritime Center in Norwalk, CT. He also loves to golf. He still dives but perfers warmer water than the Long Island Sound.

Dr. Bev invented The SOAR Method for PerfectPosture, a sequential 15-minute stretch and strengthening video originally developed for equestrians, eventually introducing the method to her general patient population. Because of this work she was dubbed “The Posture Guru.”

As for her spare time, she continues on as a dressage rider and loves to dance! She competes in International Ballroom. If you ask her which dance is her favorite, don’t be surprised when she answers, “The next one!”

Dr Beverley Marr, pureposture, posture, chiropractor
posture spine alignment

PurePosture is a one-of-a-kind device to align the spine, increase spinal flexibility and solve back and neck pain. Its easy to use, safe and fast. Most important, its effective. Get yours today.