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The Sitting Disease - Are You At Risk?

Posted by Dr Beverley Marr on

The Sitting Disease

posture sitting disease spine alignment

Like many people today, you probably have enough to worry about without having to think about the health consequences of how you sit. Yet, according to the Annals Of Internal Medicine, sitting for prolonged periods of time increases the risk for a wide range of health conditions from cardiovascular disease, cancer, even diabetes.

What’s more, those who sit for long stretches of time and fail to incorporate regular exercise into daily life have a forty percent higher risk of early death! How do we combat these grim statistics? Luckily, there are solutions – easy and convenient strategies for maintaining spine health.

Here’s some important information on posture and how to make simple lifestyle choices for a happier, healthier you.

The Science Behind Poor Posture

There’s no way around it, when we don’t move, we get stiff (particularly in the hips). Over time, posture starts to drop, and the body takes on a hunched over look. A hunched physique is clearly unhealthy, but poor posture compresses all the organs too,  and that's never a good thing. In the medical community, it;s well known that the thoracic spine (mid back) endures less motion and is sturdier than the neck and low back because of the ribs. The ribs are structurally important as they protect internal organs such as the heart, lungs, and pancreas. However, they restrict the range of motion in that area. This is particularly troublesome for those of us who spend long periods of time at the computer.

Comprehensive Lifestyle Change – Why Increased Exercise May Not Be Enough

If sitting for too long is associated with negative health issues, then we should just exercise more throughout the day, right? Well, not according to the American Medical Association (AMA). A recent report shows how exercise alone does little to reverse the ill effects of sitting all day. What do they suggest instead? Stand at work. I don’t know about you, but standing for 5, 7, 10 hours a day is simply not a reasonable option for me. In fact, it sounds exhausting.  

If you truly want to improve spine health or at least decrease the negative impact of prolonged sitting, comprehensive lifestyle changes are in order. What does that mean?

Many people employ the combined approach: stand, then sit for short periods of time; use a prop, like a Swiss Ball to sit on; park the car a bit further away when shopping;

posture walking tall spine alignment

opt for stairs over the elevator;  take the meeting out - walk and talk. Believe it or not, small lifestyle changes can actually have a dramatic impact on health – as long as you make a conscious effort to incorporate physical activity into daily life.

What about traditional exercise? Yes, and the good news is, you don’t need to run a marathon to make an impact. In fact, you don’t even need to break a sweat. But, you do need to move. Where to begin? Get creative.  Possibly choosing one new destination each week, that requires you to walk.  When the weather is bad, hit the mall...mall walking is a great activity. Stretching exercises in the office is a great way to move and slow, rhythmic breathing not only helps to clear out the fog but can also lower your blood pressure!

Here is a quick guide to tell if your posture is causing you pain. 

PurePosture – A Smart Tool for Improved Health, Decreased Pain

In addition to incorporating a few lifestyle changes into everyday life, smart tools like the PurePosture board provide an easy, convenient way to stretch the spine.

posture spine alignment

A practical posture solution for everyday folks, PurePosture increases spine flexibility, corrects posture, and even relieves back pain! Regular use (even at work) can help in the following ways:

-- Promotes movement while stretching the spine and ligaments
-- Decreases pain, while increasing range of motion
-- Effortlessly puts the spine back into proper alignment

For more information on how Pure Posture can help you relieve pain, increase flexibility and more as part of a healthy lifestyle, please check this out to see why having good posture is so important. 

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  • Greg Mays on

    I received my Pure Posture on Tuesday, six days ago, and I’ve used it two times a day every other day since. What follows are my initial thoughts and impressions.

    I’m a sloucher. I slouch while driving a car. I’ve tried not to, but it just didn’t feel right sitting upright behind the wheel. I slouch at work. I spend several hours a day all week long hunched over an examination microscope in my office and twice a week in a hospital OR, hunched over an operating microscope. I walk regularly, typically for thirty to sixty minutes daily. I’m hunched over then, too. Not exactly the picture of victorious living… a slumped-over middle-aged man. Yesterday, I discovered myself NOT hunched over the steering wheel, but sitting straight up. Interesting. I’ve had a few people say I seemed to have grown taller. I’m 6’2", but I bet I’m under 6 foot when slouching. Today, on a walk, I noticed I’m standing upright. I look confident in the mirror, not cowering.

    Why did I purchase Pure Posture? Some people in my profession have had neck and back problems, a few requiring early retirement. Some people feel it is from the poor posture prolonged microscopy tends to encourage. I started developing upper thoracic/lower cervical discomfort a few weeks before ordering the Pure Posture. As luck would have it, the discomfort seemed to improve the day before it arrived, so I can’t know whether it would’ve help. Time will tell.

    I purchased my Pure Posture through The Grommet. I read through the comments on their site and some people expressed dismay over the price. Nearly $300 may sound like a lot for a piece of wood, but you’re paying for the value that’s been added to the wood, not just for the wood. As a small businessman myself, I understand the need for profits. It’s how I pay the electric bill and the rent. My employees count on profit to pay for their salary, their health insurance, and their retirement plans. Unless you’re a member of the clergy, if the business you work for doesn’t generate a profit, you should look for a new job, because your current job won’t last long.

    I’ve already received my money’s worth just in the change in my appearance. Three hundred bucks to NOT look like a crumpled old man? Sign me up!

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