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Think You're Too Young To Be Shrinking?

Moving your body to keep in shape is a priority as you age. 

You needn't be 80 to notice a loss in height. People half that age complain of getting shorter.

Here are some of the causes of height loss as the years progress.

  1. THINNING DISCS - Constant compression, a load on each disc when you are vertical - standing or sitting. Desiccation - the discs lose moisture; they dry out.
  2. OSTEOPOROSIS- bone loss. When bones become osteoporotic, the anterior aspect of the vertebrae is more vulnerable to height loss because there is less bone mass. The spine naturally curves forward.
  3. SHORTENING OF SPINAL LIGAMENTS - Individual vertebra are held together by spinal ligaments. Ligaments lose their flexibility faster than muscles do, and they also take longer to gain flexibility. Ligaments get shorter and pull the bones closer together.
  4. STOOPED POSTURE- Poor stooped posture is the most dominant factor in height loss. Stooped posture puts undo load on some vertebra and little load on others. The thoracic vertebra are most vulnerable to this inequality and are the most common area for compression injuries, fractures.

If you don't know where to start, check out this quick guide. In addition, there are plenty of Youtube videos teaching great, dynamic exercises. If you are not all that active, take it easy at first. Remember the ligaments take longer to lengthen than it does to bulk up a muscle. The last thing you need on your quest to getting into better shape and standing taller is to get injured!  

Try these four easystretches before you get out of bed. It will wake up your back before putting your feet on the floor.

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