Posture Test

These 3 Simple Tests Should Be Easy!

First:    Are you Forward?

Stand against the wall with your heels, pelvis, upper back and head all touching the wall. Keep your chin parallel to the floor. This should be very comfortable. If you have to force your head back or find it uncomfortable, you need PurePosture! 

        posture spine alignment flexibility

Second: How's your lumbar curve?

Without moving, slide your hand between the wall and your lower back. Keep your chin parallel to the floor.

If you can’t get your hand in, farther than your fingers, your back is too flat and most likely your pelvis is having a hard time staying on the wall.

posture spine alignment lumbar curve

If you can slide your entire arm under your back, you have an excessive curve. Most likely your chin is elevated, with the top of your head is leaning on the wall instead of the back of your head.

posture spine alignment lumbar curve

To check your flexibility during this test, remove your hand and try to flatten your lower back against the wall while maintaining your head, upper back, and pelvis positions, all staying against the wall. 

Third: Are you flexible?

This time, stand with your entire back flat against the wall. Move your feet away from the wall about 12", feet about hip width apart. Lift both arms straight over your head with your elbows straight. Don't elevate your chin.


posture spine alignment flexibility


posture spine alignment flexibility


If you can do this without your lower, upper back or head coming off the wall, you have good spinal extension and flexibility. If you can't maintain this, can't straighten your arms, or your chin lifts, you need PurePosture!

Here is a quick and easy way to help improve your posture and strengthen your back. 

Posture is the most overlooked aspect of healthcare today. 

Without good spinal flexibility and correct posture, you are in danger of injuring your back, shoulders, or neck. It's a waste to build muscle on a crooked frame. 


To help solve back pain and posture related problems count on PurePosture, an amazing device designed to align your spine, increase spinal flexibility and improve posture. Invest in PurePosture today.