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6 Areas Where Posture Matters


Poor posture and poor postural habits affect every cell, tissue and organ in the body and prevents them from preforming as they were meant to function.

Bad posture contributes to disease processes, how it affects our overall health and quality of life. Posture affects our organs.

Here are 6 areas in the body affected by poor posture:

6 Areas in the Body Affected by Poor Posture

  • The Lungs - Chronic shallow breathing reduces oxygen intake.
  • The Heart - Slouching affects blood pressure and regularity of heart beat.
  • The Gut -Posture affects how you digest food. Impaired blood flow leads to mal-absorption and obesity.
  • The Pancreas - The organ responsible for diabetes. Increased pressure with poor posture affects its function.
  • Circulation - Poor posture can both speed up and slow down circulation inappropriately in the body.
  • Musculoskeletal - The body's framework: Poor posture creates an improper balance between the bones and muscles.

Poor posture causes some muscles to overreact, while others do nothing. Frequent, minor and un-sensed micro-tears occur in the muscles, joints, and tendons. This explains how muscles and joints begin to degenerate.

How Does His Posture Look?

His stance creates a disproportional load on his left hip.

No wonder hip replacement surgery is one-third more likely than having your appendix removed.

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