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Snap, Crackle, Pop!

Posted by Dr Beverley Marr on

Cavitation: that popping noise

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It's called a cavitation.  You might not be familiar with the term, but you have no doubt experienced the effects.  Cavitation is the technical term for the release of a gas bubble in the synovial fluid - the lubricant in your joints.  Whether it's cracking your knuckles or having an adjustment from your chiropractor, you've heard the "pop" and you've most likely experienced relief when the "pop" occurs.

posture cavitation spine alignment

Many people think the noise is made by your bones snapping

This is not true, nor is it tendons or ligaments crackling. Cavitating the joints is actually good for you!  If it can be said for the knuckles, it can be said for every joint in the body.

When gas is not released from the joint capsules, several things happen - a decrease in range of motion (you're less flexible), an acceleration of the arthritis process, tightness in the muscles, and finally, the body's alarm system - pain - will kick in.  As one joint gets "stuck" the other joints in the area need to work harder to perform. 

All of your joints must work in harmony to allow for an equal share of the load.

 When they don't, the effect can be bad, like when one hip wears out before the other.

Popping your joints is actually good!

Most people are afraid to get their necks cracked. Thrillers and horror movies may have contributed to that, or maybe it's a deep-rooted instinct that humans have regarding this sensitive area.

Did you know chiropractor's pay the lowest malpractice insurance rates of all healthcare practitioners and chiropractic patients have an above average rating in overall satisfaction?

So how does this relate to PurePosture? If the joints in your back are "stuck", particularly in flexion, the head is carried in front of the body. This means the areas below the affected joints begin to act inappropriately, leading to excessive use and damage. We call this degenerative joint disease. 

The body needs to be balanced: front to back, side to side and top to bottom.

To help solve back pain and posture related problems count on PurePosture, an amazing device designed to align your spine, increase spinal flexibility and improve posture. Invest in PurePosture today.

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