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Trail Runners Love A Rocky Road

We Like Smooth Highways,
But Bumpy Is Better!

We are creatures of habit.

We prefer a smooth sidewalk or road we can count on. The path of least resistance, most consistent stride lengths, and most even speeds.

We like the sureness of treadmills, spinning. We like predictability.

But smooth, flat surfaces aren't always beneficial for the proper exercise we need. There are real, full body benefits to trail running and hiking.

Ten Benefits of Trail Running and Hiking

  1. Retraining Proprioception- Stability in body position and movement, regardless of the terrain.
  2. Uneven Surfaces - Strengthen ankles, feet, and calves. Your lower extremities must adapt to the environment. Helps to prevent ankle injuries.
  3. Whole Body Power -Abs, hamstrings, glutes, back muscles in use.
  4. Softer Ground - Softer than asphalt or treadmills, therefore less impact on knees and lower back.
  5. Better For Lungs - Breathe clean, oxygenated air filtered by vegetation in the woods.
  6. Visually Beautiful - Looking at nature is calming and elevates your mood. Better than the gym TV!
  7. Improved Vision - Your eyes are continuously assessing the terrain and sending information to your brain for physical adaptation.
  8. Varied Training- Walking, running, leaping, bounding, jumping down.
  9. Stretching - Plenty of places outside!
  10. Quality Time - A great activity with the family and the dog!


Tips for the Rocky Road

Many road runners and hikers have underdeveloped glute muscles, especially the gluteus medius (on the side of the butt) and weak inner and outer thigh muscles which are fundamental in balance. These muscles are all needed for moving on unstable ground.

Running, walking, or hiking through the forest takes a bit of practice, but once you start, running on the track or a treadmill is just plain boring.

Six Successful Ways to Work The Trails

  1. Power of Music - Put in earbuds and run/pace to the beat of the music, regardless of the rocks, water, roots, uphill, downhill.
  2. Tighten - Tighten abs and push from the butt.
  3. Full Range Motion - Total motion in the hips. The hips are ball-in-socket joints, and feeling the ball rotate in its socket elevates my mood.
  4. Proper Position - Maintain an upright position. Shoulders down, chest open, arms swinging, chin up - looking forward.
  5. Shoe Care - Invest in running shoes specially made for the trails (light weight and have deeper treads).
  6. Weather be damned! - Be prepared to use wind pants, parkas, and heavier cleats if icy.

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