3 Quick Steps To Help Back Pain


Most back pain is a result of muscle and spinal imbalance. It could have started with a bad knee, foot or hip and now you are slightly crooked. Or, you are hunched forward with rounded shoulders. Now you have pain. Time for self-repair.

The first step is to straighten and lengthen your spine. It only makes sense not increase muscle tone on a crooked frame! So straighten your spine first THEN increase muscle to maintain spinal alignment.  

Acquiring and maintaining correct alignment is not complicated. 

Here are three action steps you can take today to begin the transformation. 

1. Learn what it feels like to have a straight spine. Stand against a wall with your heels, pelvis, back, shoulders and head flat against the wall. You should feel an equal weight on each foot. You may have to move slightly to achieve this. At first, it may feel really unnatural.

Try to lengthen your spine by flattening the small of your back into the wall. Elongate your neck by flattening it against the wall (tuck your chin). 

Next, with both arms straight and pressed lightly against the wall, slide them up until they are shoulder height. Do not move any other part of you. Do not raise your shoulders or your chin. 

Repeat several times and frequently during the day. Your goal is to build muscle memory.

 spinal alignment good posture pure posture    spinal alignment good posture pure posture

 2. Increase your flexibility.  Lay flat on your back. Press your entire back into the floor, including the back of your neck, tuck your chin. Try to elongate the spine by pressing the small of your back into the floor. Your arms should be out about 45 degrees, palms up.

Next, lift only your chest off the floor, squeeze your shoulder blades together and hold for a count of 5 seconds. Repeat several times trying for an increased the lift with each try. Make sure the back of your head is flat on the floor with your chin slightly tucked toward your chest.  

posture, spine alignment, spinal, pureposture   posture, spine alignment, alignment, pureposture, back strength

 3. Get some core on. Planks are a fundamental core exercise.

Here are a few hints to get the most out of the plank: Keep your back flat, neck aligned to your back. Squeeze your butt together, hold it tight and don't stick it up. You shouldn't sink in between your shoulders. Hold this position for 1 minute and repeat.

If you start to fatigue, just bend your knees to the floor for 10 seconds, and pop back up into the plank. Planks increase core and back strength rapidly!

posture, spine alignment, pureposture, back pain  posture, spine alignment, pureposture, back pain

Maintaining spinal alignment is essential to the health of your spine. Each vertebra must carry it's own weight.Preserving flexibility and good back strength will keep your joints from grinding against each other and causing pain.

Great posture is about being aligned, flexible and strong. 

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