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How PurePosture can help with neck and shoulder pain (click here)

What a pain in the neck! Oh no! There’s more!

It is well known that the thoracic spine (mid-back) has less motion and is more sturdy than the neck and low back due to our ribs. While the ribs are structurally important to protect our internal organs such as the heart and lungs, they restrict the range of motion in that area. This is particularly troublesome for those who are on computers or are sedentary for long periods of time, as this will decrease the range of motion even more.

There are other health concerns as well. According to the Annals Of Internal Medicine, a recent study found, " sitting for prolonged periods raised the risk of cardiovascular disease by 14 percent, cancer by 13 percent, and diabetes by a whopping 91 percent. Those who sat for long stretches and got no regular exercise had a 40 percent higher risk of early death. With regular exercise, the risk was smaller but still significant: about 10 percent."

Bad posture at work is bad for business. Back and neck pain are the number one reasons people call out from work. Bad posture looks terrible. How can you possibly look competent and capable if you are sitting like a sack of potatoes?  You can not breathe properly if your chin is on your chest and your torso is hunched over. This decrease in oxygen uptake, even if it is reduced by only 10%, leads to lack of focus, increased blood pressure and headaches. 

It doesn't take much to improve your posture. Elongating your torso and making it a habit to maintain good posture really pays off in the long run. 

Using PurePosture in the workplace does several good things:  it gets you up and moving to combat the ill effects of being sedentary; it stretches the spine and ligaments to decrease pain; it increases range of motion to put your spine back into proper alignment. Order your PurePosture today for a more flexible spine and healthier lifestyle.