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Our bodies were not meant for this! We'resupposed to be in constant motion, hunting and gathering.

Thank goodness those days are gone, but the replacement is a sedentary lifestyle, sitting day after day slouched over some type of electronic device.

As a result, we are weaker than humans once were and our posture is not good.

It is well known that the thoracic spine (mid-back) has less motion and is more sturdy than the neck and lower back because it contains more bone than the shoulder blades and ribs.

While the ribs are structurally important to protect our internal organs (heart, lungs, liver, etc.), they restrict the range of motion of the whole spine. The spine gets fixed in a flexed forward position and this causes all sorts of problems.

The thoracic spine is responsible for the entire body's posture. 

There are plenty of reasons to improve your posture, especially at work:

  • Back and neck pain are the number ONE REASON people call out from work.  
  • Bad posture looks terrible. How can you possibly look competent and capable if you are sitting like a sack of potatoes?
  • You can not breathe properly if your chin is on your chest and your torso is hunched over.
  • Decrease in oxygen uptake, even if reduced by 10%, leads to lack of focus, increased blood pressure and headaches.
  • Long hours of sitting raises the risk of cardiovascular disease by 14 percent, cancer by 13 percent, and diabetes by a whopping 91 percent.
  • People who sit for long periods with no exercise has a 40% higher risk of early death.

It doesn't take much to improve your posture. Lengthening your torso (sitting up taller) with good work space ergonomics is very important. Making it a habit to maintain good posture really pays off in the long run. Get up, move around, stretch, go for a walk. Even a 5 minute break makes a big difference.

In today's world we must make good posture a priority!

PurePosture was invented for pain relief. But it is known for how quickly it improves posture. This one-of-a-kind device aligns the spine, increases flexibility and solves neck and back pain. It is easy to use, safe and quick. Most important, it's effective. Check it out today!