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You Need All Three

Balance:Spinal balance to move the upper body equally side to side and front to back. The back swing should equal the follow through while maintaining stability in the lower body.  

Strength:You cannot reach the next level without having balanced strength. Hitting the ball with full force requires strong abs and strong back muscles. Remember, building muscle on a crooked frame will never get you there.

Flexibility: A fluid, smooth and powerful swing requires spinal flexibility. Decreased flexibility creates a "ratcheting" and inconsistent swing, some vertebra do not move, while others overcompensate.


When people think of golf flexibility, they are usually referring to the flexibility of the muscles and tendons of the body. Spinal mobility is often forgotten. Spinal mobility is defined as how well each spinal segment moves in relation to the spinal segments above and below.

Golfers should focus on their upper thoracic spine (T1-T8), the mid-back region. Each individual segment isbuilt to rotate 6 degrees for a total of 48 degrees, more than half of the total back swing motion. In other words, spinal mobility is hugely important for full, fluid swing.

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