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back pain, posture, spinal alignment, pureposture

Back pain, joint pain is one of the most common complaints seen by primary care doctors and chiropractors. Over 90% of Americans have experienced back pain significant enough to seek professional care. At this moment, one-third of our population is currently experiencing pain.

Huge numbers!

Less than half of these complaints are from trauma (auto crash, a fall). The majority of back pain is a result of posture or posture related issues.

Long hours sitting at work, sedentary lifestyles, and the use of electronic devices are all culprits in

An Epidemic of Bad Posture 

Bad posture is a habit. Just like good posture. Habits can be changed. It takes some effort but more importantly it takes a mindset that says "I need to take charge of what is happening to me".

Poor posture is not limited to the spine. It affects our organs, our health. 

The Good News is we can do something about it! Everyone can improve their posture. Everyone. Regardless of age or physical activity level. 

We have invented a product designed to help you attain and keep good posture. It is safe, it is effective and it will align your spine, increase flexibility and keep your body in balance. 

What is it? PurePosture. Please take a moment to look around the website and see what others have to say


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pureposture, posture, alignment, back pain, flexibility, Dr Beverley Marr