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The lowest additional riser. It is a starter riser.  

As an add-on for family members who are not as flexible as those who use medium or tall risers. Great to maintain spinal flexibility following a spinal injury or recent spinal surgery. 

A Great Start For A More Flexible Back

Excellent for those who are challenged by the medium risers but want the option to switch risers to fit their fluctuating spinal flexibility. 


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    Low risers

    The low riser works fine, but the pegs are extremely tight such that I had to use a hammer to install them. I also had to use a hammer to remove the 2 inch risers.

    David T.
    United States United States

    better then the 2 for me

    I am female, 6'3", late 50's and terrible posture. Trying to correct it. Felt because of my terrible posture the 2 in riser was too high. Got the 1.5 and a much better fit for me. I can't wait to move back up to the 2 in - but my back feels amazingly better after using the board and it definitely helping me to correct many years of neglect to my back. I do expect to be on the 1.5 riser for a good while, bad posture not corrected overnight!

    Katherine H.
    United States United States
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