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No one knows the spine better than chiropractors.

We are posture experts. 

We also recognize poor posture and poor postural habits excessively erode joints, discs and soft tissue dragging the body down the road of disease and dysfunction. We see, first hand, pulmonary, cardiac, endocrine, digestive, immune systems issues, and of course pain, all as a direct result of spinal imbalance and subluxation. 

Posture is the most undervalued aspect of healthcare today. 

We serve our patients with care and intelligence but we can't monitor or treat them 24/7. Until now. 


posture spine alignment pureposture

First, do no harm, PurePosture was tested on hundreds of people for over 3 years until it was finally ready to help real patients with real problems. It's easy to use, just lay down and let body weight and gravity to extend the spine improving alignment and flexibility. 

Invented by one of our own, this remarkable patented tool is exquisite in its simplicity, beautifully designed for effectiveness and ease of use to help your patients between office visits. 

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