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Thank you so much for changing my world! I want to thank you and congratulate you on your wonderful product, PurePosture. I am an avid yogi and thought I knew how to stretch my own spine and alleviate stress and strain in my lower back. I  was beyond pleasantly surprised by the instant relief of my lower back pain I felt the first time and every time since I used PurePosture. The simple way you use it, adjust it, and lay on it is genius. I really love the ease and simplicity of the board.  It fits anywhere I want to put it, on a bed, or a bench, (it stays in my dressing room ….my secret hideaway) it is easily adjustable, and in 5 minutes my world is looking up because I am feeling better. Genius !

I have to say until I experienced PurePosture I had no CLUE how great I could feel. I was so used to the pain and discomfort that I was feeling in my lower back, and neck that I almost became accustomed to it. Whenever I’ve had a super hard day, running around the garment industry is stressful,  I take 5 minutes on my board, and everything in my world is all right again! With Love and Gratitude - Paris 

I have found PurePosture to be an effective and convenientway to stretch and loosen my back.  I use it whenever my back feels tight and make it part of my regular stretching routine both before and after workouts. - Scott

I've used PurePosture for low back pain for over a year, and it has consistently increased my range of motion and reduced all of the discomforts. I highly recommend PurePosture. What previously took one hour of Pilates to accomplish now takes five minutes on PurePosture.It saves time. It works! - Dr. Marshall 

I can see and feel immediate results. I have used PurePosture Board since it’s inception; withgreat results. The board really helped me to relax the back and neck muscles for an overall better and relaxed posture. My neck and upper back will always be a problem area for me but with the board. Thank you for all your help. - Maria

I highly recommend it to anyone. I've been a using PurePosture at home for well over a year now, and I must say I'm a big fan. It's quick, easy to use, and makes an immediately noticeable impact. I lie on the board in 5 different positions, 1-2 minutes each (so <10 min total). When I stand up, I immediately feel my posture straighter and my back better aligned.It's a great stress relieverfor those who carry their stress in their upper backs like me. I breath better and feel like I've grown an inch. I do it a few times per week, sometimes every day if I feel the need for it. - Francois 

I had no idea I’d feel so good and feel so good about myself. In a word,Pure Posture is outstanding!Joe

I am happy to report That I have been using PurePosture several times a week and I amsuper happy with my results. My only complaint would be not having enough time during the week to use it every day instead of whenever I can squeeze a few minutes in my schedule to take care of myself. I do have to admit that every time I use it I feel more relaxed and less achy. I am making an effort to use it more even if it's only for a few minutes. - Andrea 

PurePosture is an amazing life enhancing productthat is also a fantastic value!  It relieves the aches and pains from my back so effortlessly each day and saves time and money by cutting down on doctor and massage visits.  My quality of life has been substantially enhanced due to my daily use of PurePosture.  - Riverside, CT 

PurePosture helped me improve my posture and, along with other life adjustments, minimised my back pain.  Today was a little rough because I have experienced back spasms which I do not experience as much as I used to since being injured.PurePosture was part of the process that helped get me going in A positive direction. -Luigi