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A Proven Solution

For Help With

Shoulder, Neck &

Upper Back Pain

man with shoulder, neck and upper back pain


Many products claim to solve neck and back pain.

Very Few actually do!

Until Now...


woman laying on PurePosture board
PurePosture risers on spine

# 1 Chiropractor Recommended At Home Pain Relief Tool - $279


Using PurePosture

Along with your Body Weight,

And Gravity,

Your Spine Moves Into

Correct Alignment

woman laying on PurePosture board lumbar
woman laying on PurePosture board sacrum


The Entire Spine

Neck to Sacrum

Choose Your Size




- Invented by Doctors

- Proven Safe & Effective

- Patented

- 100% Made in USA

- 100% Guaranteed*

*or Fully Refundable