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At about age 49 AARP starts us sending emails. Yikes!

At what age do we move from being 'middle' age to being a 'senior citizen'? Does being a senior mean it's time to slow down, stop playing sports, retire from work? I say, HELL NO! (well, maybe the work thing).

There is no reason why we put limitations on ourselves simply because of a number. Being a senior means you have the wisdom of many years lived and a repertoire of life experiences - pretty much all good stuff.

Unfortunately many people over 50 accept the idea that they are no longer physically able to perform many things they did when they were younger.

Look, by age 25 most people stop doing gymnastics and dangerous sports. But they certainly don't stop skiing, swimming, hiking, skating, riding horses, golf, running, tennis, cycling, canoeing, paddle boarding, camping, fishing, dancing?


Sure, you may not be as quick as you once were, but muscle strength and flexibility - the keys to good movement - remain solid, AND CAN BE IMPROVED UPON, your entire life.

We have seen videos of 80-year-old weight lifters and yoga masters doing deep back bends, Jack LaLane! Are they flukes of nature? NO. Queen Elizabeth rode her horse to celebrate her 93rd birthday! Go to a golf course, a marina, a road race, the slopes - there are many, many seriously old people enjoying these sports and they do them very well!

Okay, our muscles do slow down. This has to do with how quickly muscles react to a nerve impulse. We do not know why this slows down but it does. This, however, has nothing to do with muscle strength or joint flexibility.

Probably the most thing noticeable about seniors is posture.

Their upper backs rounded forward, tilt off to one side raising one hip higher than the other. These postural issues and are largely PREVENTABLE and can be IMPROVED UPON REGARDLESS OF AGE.  

If you can stand up and walk, you can grow muscle and increase flexibility. People who maintain or improve their physical bodies live a better life. They experience less aches and pains, get sick less often, are more able to control their weight, are mentally sharper. Basically, they enjoy a better quality of life.  

Even if you have herniated discs, spinal stenosis, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis - all do improve with physical activity. And it doesn't take hours every day at the gym. A slow walk, with consistency, can turn into a brisk walk. The 5 pound weight can be increased to an 8 pound weight. Whether you are 53 or 93.

All orthopedic problems have to do with the health of your spine. You need strong back muscles and flexible spinal joints.

Go out for a walk, meet a trainer at the gym, learn a new sport, hop in the pool, hit some tennis balls.

Just do it!

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