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Nursing Moms

PurePosture and New Moms (click here)

There is no doubt having a baby changes your body.  While you are pregnant, the rapid front loading creates tremendous strain on your low back and pelvis.  Even though women's bodies were designed to give birth, it is still an adjustment.


After birth, nursing, hovering, and carrying your most precious bundle are new movements and specific to childbearing. These positions create stress on the upper back, the muscles, and vertebrae, which are not designed for these sustained positions. 

If we could spend as much time with our backs extended as we do with our back flexed forward, it would balance out in the end. Unfortunately, this is never the case.

This is your time and your baby's time. It should be wonderful and pain-free. You need to be flexible and quick when that agile little one is quick to escape!

PurePosture was designed to align the spine, improve posture and relieve pain. This product delivers! It is quick, easy and safe to use and is great for Dad too!