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Nursing Moms

Photo of a mother holding up her sleeping baby



PurePosture is an excellent tool to help solve upper back pain caused by nursing. Use it at home, on your time. 

After birth, nursing, hovering, and carrying your precious bundle are challenges specific to having a new baby.

These positions create stress on the upper back. The spine was not designed for a sustained overly-flexed position, the main cause of upper back and neck pain for new Moms.

If you are a working Mom with a new baby, upper back pain is even more common. Plus, carrying all the gear your baby needs is rough on the entire spine.

With everything new Moms must do, adding pain is fatiguing.  

There is no doubt having a baby changes your body.  

When you are pregnant, rapid front loading (the big belly), creates tremendous strain on the low back and pelvis. Even though women's bodies were designed to give birth, it is still a relatively rapid physical adjustment.

After birth, nursing the baby requires Mom to flex forward, from the upper back, even when laying down. Muscles become very tight, sometimes even burn, trying to maintain this awkward position. Approximately 30 extra pounds of pressure is loaded on the smallest vertebra of the spine when a Mother nurses her baby.  

We encourage all new, and soon-to-be Moms, to stretch and move their spines. The more flexible the spine, the more adaptable it is to return to normal from the unusual spinal positions required.

We have a wonderful tool to help! PurePosture aligns the spine by lengthening spinal ligaments and increasing spinal flexibility. It is easy to use, is safe and quick. Most of all, it is effective in relieving upper back and neck pain from nursing. This is a MUST HAVE for all NURSING MOMS!


Nursing a baby is a tender, bonding experience. It should be wonderfully pain-free.

New moms can relieve upper back pain from nursing with the help of PurePosture. It is a one-of -a-kind device to align the spine, increase flexibility and help solve neck and back pain. It is easy to use, fast and safe. Most important, it is effective. Check it out.