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New Moms


There is no doubt having a baby changes your body.  

Women's bodies were designed to give carry babies. Their bodies change, and the most notable is rapid front loading - the belly.

This puts a tremendous strain on her low back and pelvis. Ligaments and tendons stretch. Back pain is a common complaint.

After the baby is born, Moms hover over their precious bundles, lift and carry. Nursing babies put stress on the upper back and neck. This creates pain for Mom.  

If we could spend as much time with our backs extended as we do flexed forward, balance would be attained. This, however is rarely the case. And is especially true for new Moms.

Yoga or simple stretches will help. Trying to maintain good posture is also very important. But this is all quite difficult when sleep deprived. And if you have more than one child at home, you are fatigued at the end of the day (which never really ends).  

We known an aligned spine makes all the difference with new Moms. Because of the unique design, PurePosture aligns the spine, increases flexibility, and soothes tight muscles in the back and neck. It is easy to use, safe and quick. Most of all, it is effective. Check it out!