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What is PurePosture?

PurePosture is an orthopedic tool designed to align the spine, increase spinal flexibility, and solve neck and back pain. Here is a quick video.

How Does PurePosture work?

Using your body weight and gravity, PurePosture lengthens spinal ligaments allowing individual vertebral segments to move into alignment. The spine is extended. 

Why is PurePosture a superior posture device?

PurePosture, because of it's unique design, stretches the ligaments, tendons, and joint capsules of the spine at specific levels. This stretching and lengthening allow for the joints to glide and more equally distribute the load on the spine. 

The board is "true", meaning it is balanced and at correct angles to allow the spine to become aligned and ‘plumb’.  With consistent use, your body adapts to the board. When you stand after using the board, muscle memory helps maintain a more upright and balanced spine.   

Will PurePosture work for me? Is It Safe?

PurePosture is a holistic spinal alignment device safely used by almost everyone. It is successfully used even if you have herniated discs, previous spinal surgery, DJD or spinal arthritis.

It reduces or eliminates back and neck pain by equally distributing the load on your spine.  It will increase spinal range of motion allowing you to move with greater ease. 

With continued use, you will consistently stand taller. This decreases over-load on certain areas of the spine, those areas causing stiffness and pain. 

How Often Should I Use PurePosture?

You can use PurePosture every day and depends on your goal.

PAIN RELIEF:  Use daily or more times daily until the pain is gone, or greatly reduced. This may take a few days and depends on the severity of pain or it's chronicity and underlying conditions.

INCREASED FLEXIBILITY: Use before any activity or sport where increased spinal flexibility is desired. For tight back muscles, use daily.

BETTER POSTURE: Use at least three times a week for the first month, about 8 minutes per session. 

Some people use it twice a day! Some people use it once or twice a month for maintenance. 

It is important to be proactive to avoid back pain. Use it regularly! 

Can I Use It Too Much?

We have found no contra-indications regarding using PurePosture too much. 

It is more effective to use it more frequently rather than for longer periods of time. 

Staying in one position for too long (longer than 10 minutes) can cause temporary muscle discomfort. 

Will It Hurt My Neck?

If you currently experience neck pain, support your neck when laying down or sitting up after using the board. 

Use a small pillow to support your head especially for the first few weeks. You can continue using the pillow if you want. 

If PurePosture increases discomfort in your neck, try using a higher pillow. Contact us for any specific questions. 

Can I Use This Even If I'm Doing Physical Therapy?

If you are currently in treatment, it is recommended you discuss this with your therapist. There are few conditions contraindicated to using PurePosture.

Can I Use PurePosture If I Regularly See My Chiropractor?

If you are currently in treatment it is recommended you discuss this with your Chiropractor. There are few conditions contraindicated to using PurePosture. 

Can I Use It If I Have Osteoporosis?

Yes. To avoid any injuries it is important to slowly lay down on the board. This is about the same as laying on a hard floor. 

I Have Chronic Back Pain. Will It Help?

PurePosture was invented for pain relief. Improved posture was a secondary benefit.

By properly aligning the spine, each vertebral segment carries its own weight, rather than over-loading certain areas. This spreads the load to the entire spine taking pressure off the joints, discs, and nerves. 

With proper alignment, the vertebra move freely while the muscles engage and relax, engage and relax. This allows for healing.

Can I Use It If I Have Herniated Discs?

Yes. Herniated discs are often a result of too great a load on that specific vertebra or vertebral segment (two or more vertebra). Increasing elasticity between the vertebra helps relieve pressure on the disc, spreading the load from one or two discs to the entire spine. 

Can I Use It If I Have Bulging Discs?

Yes. Bulging discs are a result of too great a load between two adjacent vertebrae. Increasing elasticity between the vertebra helps to increase the disc space. Correct alignment disperses load to the entire spine.

Can I Use PurePosture If I Have Arthritis In My Spine?

Yes. Arthritis is degeneration of a joint or multiple joints. Arthritis is a result of an injury to a joint, or from overuse of a joint. In some cases, arthritis is an autoimmune disease that focuses on the joints (rheumatoid, psoriatic, etc). 

With arthritis, spinal ligaments become shortened, losing their elasticity resulting in closing down the joint space.

The best practice to help relieve arthritis pain is to restore proper joint motion. In other words, increase the flexibility of that joint.

PurePosture helps arthritis in the spine by lengthening spinal ligaments allowing for proper motion.   

I Have Scoliosis. Can I Use PurePosture?

Absolutely! Increased spinal flexibility is always encouraged especially if you have scoliosis. For directions on how to use PurePosture, see instructions

PurePosture is a good device to treat mild to moderate scoliosis.

It is important your spine is centered between the two risers. This may mean at some levels you may need to wiggle to one side or the other.

We have good news for you too! With extra special fitting PurePosture may be able to reduce or even eliminate a minor spinal curve. Clinical trials are currently being conducted to test the effectiveness of PurePosture as part of a thorough scoliosis treatment regime.

Do I Need a Prescription To Use PurePosture?

No. With certain medical conditions, it is always a good idea to consult with your doctor first.  

Who Should NOT Use PurePosture?

While  PurePosture is generally safe for everyone, people who have been diagnosed with advanced osteoporosis should consult their doctor first.

Back or neck surgeries must heal by a year before using PurePosture. 

Torn rotator cuff injuries can exacerbate the shoulder by using PurePosture. 

People who have thoracic spinal rods should not use PurePosture. 

Those with vertigo may find the condition worsened by extending their heads back. 

Does It Hurt to Use?

PurePosture was invented for results, not comfort. But, most people find it easily tolerated. Many find immediate pain relief within a few minutes.

With frequent use, most discomfort quickly melts away. You may find some areas to be more uncomfortable than others - these are usually the areas that are impaired. 

How Soon Will I See Results?

You will notice improved posture and increased flexibility with the first use.

Frequent use retrains your muscles to hold the aligned spine.  This is muscle memory. 

How Long Does It Last?

Like going to the gym, improvement takes time. Use PurePosture in the morning for good posture all day. Eventually, great posture becomes your normal.    

Do I Use PurePosture On The Floor?

Yes, this is the easiest way to use PurePosture. You can put down a yoga mat first if you like. A carpeted floor is also perfect.

Can I Use It In Bed?

Beds are generally too soft for PurePosture to be as effective as it was designed. Additionally, moving your body while on the board in bed is tricky due to the "give" of the surface. 

Can I Sleep on PurePosture?

No problem with nodding off but we do NOT recommend sleeping on the board. More than about 10 minutes in any one position may cause temporary discomfort.  

What Do I Do With My Arms And Legs?

When using PurePosture on the floor your arms should be out to the side, palms up when laying on the board. The shoulders should be relaxed.

If you are on a bench, tuck your hands under your bottom, palms up.  

Your knees can be bent or straight, whichever feels more comfortable. 

Many people have tension in their feet.  Allow your legs and feet to relax out comfortably into a wide "V". 

Should I Consult My Doctor Before Using PurePosture?

If you are in regular care, yes, consult your doctor. As with beginning any new exercise program, it is a good idea to tell your doctor. 

Can I Get PurePosture At My Doctor's Office?

Some doctor's offices are currently selling PurePosture. Ask your doctor. Introduce PurePosture to them :)

My Husband Is 6'2" And I Am 5'4", Can We Use The Same Board?

Yes and no. PurePosture was designed to match your spinal flexibility rather than your body size. The board itself is the same, the difference is the height of the risers.

Most people use The UNI with medium 2" risers. If you are very stiff or sensitive then PIP with low 1.5" may be right for you. If you have great spinal flexibility, then TEX with tall 2.5" risers will give you what you are looking for.  

Should I Buy More Than One Set of Risers?

If more than one person is using the board, they have different degrees of spinal flexibility. Women often have more flexibility than men, teenagers have greater flexibility than a 40-year-olds. 

The Uni has 2" risers and most everyone can use this size. But to accommodate less flexible spines or very flexible spines, different additional sizes is recommended. 

We encourage healthcare workers, massage therapist, yoga studios to purchase the full set of different risers for their patients or clients to accommodate different spinal flexibility.

What Size Riser Should I Use? 

We have three size boards with risers:

PIP with 1.5" risers - appropriate for those who are very stiff, are sensitive to posture changes, have moderate spinal osteoporosis.

The UNI with 2" risers - well tolerated by most everyone. 

TEX with 2.5" risers - super for very flexible spines, those who are more advanced in Yoga, dancers, gymnasts and the like. 

For more information about the different size risers, click here

What Happens If I Picked The Wrong Size? 

Not a problem. Contact us and we will be happy to exchange them for you. 

How Do I Change The Risers From One SizeTo Another?

Flip the board over and push the pegs, wiggle the risers off. 

PurePosture is a natural product and in very humid weather the wood may swell. making it difficult to push the pegs. In that case, place the tip of a screwdriver on the center of a peg and use a hammer on the screwdriver to gently tap the riser. This will loosen the riser from the board. 

Will My Insurance Pay For PurePosture?

Generally speaking, no, insurance will not pay for PurePosture. There are plans though that will cover the cost through a Health Savings Plan. Check with your insurance carrier. 

What Is Your Return Policy?

PurePosture comes with a lifetime guarantee against any manufacturing defects and quality of materials.

If you are unhappy with your purchase, return it for a full refund within 30 days. Shipping charges not included.  

We charge a 15% restocking fee after 30 days. No refunds after 90 days. 

Contact us for detailed instructions on our return procedures.

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