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Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. 

How Does PurePosture work?

PurePosture, because of it's unique design, stretches the ligaments, tendons, and joint capsules in the spine at specific levels. This stretching and lengthening allow for the joints to glide and more equally distribute the load on the spine. 

The board is "true", meaning it is balanced and at the correct angles to allow the spine to become aligned and ‘plumb’.  With consistent use, your body adapts to the board. When you get up from the board, muscle memory helps maintain a balanced spine.   

Would PurePosture work for me?

PurePosture is a holistic spinal alignment device safely used by almost everyone. It is successfully used even if you have herniated discs, previous spinal surgery, DJD or spinal arthritis.

It reduces or eliminates back and neck pain by equally distributing the load on your spine.  It will increase spinal range of motion allowing you to move with greater ease. 

With continued use, you will consistently stand taller. This decreases over-load on certain areas of the spine, those areas causing stiffness and pain. 

How Often Should I Use PurePosture?

You can use PurePosture every day!

We recommend using it at least three times a week for the first month, about 8 minutes per session. You will see, feel a difference with the first use.

Some people use it twice a day! Some people use it once or twice a month for maintenance. Your body will tell you when you need to use it. The key is to be proactive, don't put it off waiting until you have pain. Use it regularly! 

Can I Sleep on PurePosture?

No problem with nodding off but we do NOT recommend sleeping on the board. More than about 10 minutes in any one position may cause you to feel sore. 

What Do I Do With My Arms And Legs?

Many people have rounded shoulders. Tight chest muscles (the pecs) pull the shoulders forward. To help un-do this, your arms should be out to the side, palms up when laying on the board. The shoulders should be relaxed.

If you are on a bench, tuck your hands under your bottom, palms up.  

Your knees can be bent or straight, whichever feels more comfortable. 

Many people feel tension in their feet.  Allow your legs and feet to relax out comfortably into a wide "V". 

What Size Riser Should I Use? What Happens If I Picked The Wrong Size? 

Most people use the 2" riser. For more information about the different size risers, click here

If you feel the risers are too tall or not tall enough, no problem. We will happily exchange them for a different size. Just contact us and we will arrange for the exchange. 

I Have Scoliosis. Can I Use PurePosture?

Absolutely! Increased spinal flexibility is always important and encouraged especially if you have scoliosis. For directions on how to use PurePosture, see instructions

We have good news for you too! With extra special fitting PurePosture may be able to reduce or even eliminate a minor spinal curve. Clinical trials are currently being conducted to test the effectiveness of PurePosture as part of a thorough scoliosis treatment regime.

Do I Need a Prescription If I Have Scoliosis?

Although not required, we recommend people with scoliosis consult their doctor to get a prescription. Your doctor will determine the degree of scoliosis, the area - thoracic or lumbar - and which side. This prescription gives us the correct information we need to construct a special board to accurately address the curve in your spine.

PurePosture is a good device to treat mild to moderate scoliosis.

Since this revolutionary product is so new to the market, your physician may not be aware of it. Please print this information (link to information) for physician instruction.

Who Should NOT Use PurePosture?

While the PurePosture system is generally safe for everyone, people who have been diagnosed with advanced osteoporosis or have spinal rods should consult their doctor first. 

What Is Your Return Policy?

PurePosture comes with a lifetime guarantee against any manufacturing defects and quality of materials.

If you are unhappy with your purchase, return it for a full refund within 30 days. Shipping charges not included.  

We will charge a 15% restocking fee after 30 days. No refunds after 90 days. 

Contact us for detailed instructions on our return procedures.

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