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How’s your back this morning?

If you’re like millions of people, your back is stiff, especially in the morning. It may take some time before you can move freely and feel normal.

Why is that?

Some of the most common reasons for back stiffness are:


- Arthritis, or the beginning of arthritis, in the spine

- Misalignment of the vertebra

- Imbalance of postural muscles

- Poor ergonomics (ie. worn-down mattress)


This easy-to-do stretching regime can start your day off on the right foot! It's time to wake up your back.


Dr.Beverley Marr




Make sure you are flat on your back with your spine as straight as possible.

Bend your knee to your chest and, with an exhale, pull your knee to your chest and your head to your knee.

You can roll slightly side to side while doing this.

Repeat on the other side.



Now bring both of your legs to your chest and pull them in. Making sure to flex your upper back toward your knees, slowly exhale.

Focus on feeling the big stretch in your spine. You can roll slightly side to side with this.

You can make circles with your feet, point and extend your toes.



Open your arms out to both sides. With your upper back pressed flatly against the bed, slowly move your legs to one side so that both knees are pointing in the same direction. Move your head so you are looking in the opposite direction.



Slowly, roll your knees to the other side. Make sure to move your head in the opposite direction. Hold these side positions for a slow count of 10.



Gradually get up, put your feet on the ground, and begin your day. Notice the looseness of your back, and the lack of pain as you move!

Chiropractors with over 40 years of combined experience, Dr. Beverley Marr and Dr. Chris Sova invented PurePosture for pain relief.

This product is a drug-free and non-invasive way to correct postural issues and relieve back pain.

The PurePosture system is aimed at educated consumers, athletes, passionate re-creationists, and anyone else interested in living a pain-free and mobile lifestyle.