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Back Pain

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Don't Let Back Pain Ruin Your Day

Believe it or not, you are doing damage to your spine by doing nothing. Poor posture habits increase your chances of having back pain by putting uneven stresses on joints and discs of the spine. When you feel back pain, actual damage is occurring.

Studies of the University of California, Berkley, "sitting is actually harder on the back than standing, and standing is five times as demanding on your spine and muscles as laying down." According to Chris Woolston, MS, from HealthDay, "when everything is properly aligned, the joints and muscles easily share the burden of supporting your body weight".

Poor posture disrupts this balance. As reported by the Cleveland Clinic, "slumping forces the muscles and tendons in the lower back to work harder than usual, raising the risk of sprains and strains. Poor posture can also cause unnatural wear between joints, potentially setting the stage for arthritis."

We don't feel arthritis when it begins, but gradually over time, stiffness sets in. One day, with no provocation, you back begins to hurt. Most often back pain waxes and wanes, sometimes for years, until one day it really hurts and you must seek professional help. This can keep you out of work, affect all your daily activities and is generally quite miserable.

We know correct posture and a flexible spine greatly reduces the incidence of back pain. Keeping your spine in great shape does not require hours at the gym, yoga or pilates classes (although all are great for you), but it does require you to do something. Maintaining balance, flexibility and strength are fundamentals for a healthy spine.  

PurePosture is specifically designed to increase spinal flexibility by gently elongating the tendons and ligaments thus allowing for normal motion and function of the spine.