FIVE Key Points in Assessing Your Posture

Everyone notices beautiful posture and everyone ignores bad posture - unless it's really bad.

Did you know poor posture causes other health problems?

Many of these health conditions and certainly orthopedic problems are largely PREVENTABLE!

Posture Is 'Graded'

Five rankings in a professional assessment:

  • Excellent - Perfect alignment; movement is balanced and fluid.
  • Good - Aligned; movement balanced but not as fluid.
  • Average - Head is forward, misaligned pelvis; rounded upper back; movement is strong but with little hip motion.
  • Poor - Misaligned and imbalanced throughout the spine; weak back and buttock muscles; movement is stilted and more one-sided.
  • Very Poor - Very unbalanced frame; pain evident; movement cautious with overly soft knees; some limping.

From The Front


Her posture is not too bad, right?


When you add plumb lines, things don't look so good.

From The Side


Again, his posture is not too bad.



Now let's add a vertical plumb line. His spine is off-balance.

Sitting vs Standing


Not good posture.

Her posture looks exactly the same.

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1. Assess your posture. Have someone take a picture from the front AND from the side.

2. Check out this quick guide to aligning your spine.

3. Spend as much time strengthening your back muscles as you do on your chest and arms.

4. Change your habits. Be aware of your posture. ALWAYS try to stand and sit up tall.



Doing something about your posture is better than doing nothing.

It takes time and effort, but you will be rewarded by seeing and feeling NEW AND AWESOME POSTURE!


By the way, aging itself has minimal effect on posture!


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