We will ship PurePosture to you for the small deposit of $14.90 ($1.49 for 10 days).

Try it every day for 10 days and if you don't think it will work for you, ship it back (in the same box using the pre-paid shipping label).

We will immediately refund your $14.90 when PurePosture is returned.

If you are not convinced, please look through our website, read the reviews, look at the results.

BTW, we have less than a 1% return rate of our product - that in itself is a BIG DEAL!

**The return shipping label must be scaned by Fedex within 10 days of delivery**

If PurePosture works for you, YAY!

We will charge the balance of $264.10 to the card you provided.

PurePosture will be on it's way to you!