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Is Your Posture Causing Back Pain?


The answer is YES.

Almost always.


Most back pain is not caused by one traumatic event. Rather, it is an accumulation of many minor injuries, over a long period of time, coupled with poor postural habits (like slouching). Finally a tipping point is reached and pain is the result.

We all sit too much! Our bodies were meant to move. Back in the day we were in constant motion, hunting and gathering. Thankfully those days are gone and is now replaced by a more sedentary lifestyle and really bad posture.

If your spine is not aligned and balanced, your joints become overloaded, the ligaments shorten, tighten, and the muscles are under constant stress. Poor posture or poor postural habits cause spinal imbalance.

Sometimes back pain can be a result of another injury like a knee or hip. Taking the weight off one area loads it somewhere else. Most of the time its the spine. You become crooked!


We get used to bad posture. It's our normal.

Did you know every 1" your head is in front of your body an extra 10 pounds of weight is loaded onto your neck?

This poor posture is not only in older people



We took BEFORE pictures, aligned their spine, and took AFTER pictures. These are the result.

You can see a marked improvement, but evenwith our help, not everyone has reached what we consider to be 'perfect posture'.

'Perfect posture' is when the middle of the ear lines up (vertically) through the middle of the shoulder, middle of the hip area, knee, and ankle.  

Millennials are the first generation to use electronic devices from a very early age. The head being so far forward has caused them to suffer neck and back pain. Some problems starting asearly teenagers.  

We have no idea of what their spines will look like when they are in their 40's and older.

If nothing is done to fix their posture, the small bones in their neck will begin to reshape and fixing the problem will be difficult going forward.


As we age we tend to round forward. It's like the body is caving in on itself.

Back Pain is Epidemic

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You Are Not Alone

Almost our entire population (93%) have experienced back and neck pain. Most is NOT from an injury. It is because of POOR POSTURE.

It is understandable temporary back pain from repetitive lifting, gardening, an intense workout, driving for many hours. But, if the back pain comes out of nowhere, blame it on posture.

Your spine is strong and stable when you practice healthy posture. But if you slouch or stoop, your muscles and ligaments strain to keep you balanced. This loads excess weight in areas where it should not be. Eventually causing the joints and discs in your spine to break down and erode.

If you could do something to avoid back pain, why wouldn't you? Maintaining good posture whether you are sitting, standing, exercising, or just relaxing is a good life goal.



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