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How To Tell If Posture Is Causing You Pain

Can Poor Posture Cause Back Pain?

Yes. Almost always.

If your spine is not aligned and balanced, your joints become overloaded, the ligaments shorten and the muscles are under constant stress. Poor posture or poor postural habits cause spinal imbalance. 

Sometimes back pain can be a result of a bad hip or knee. When you take the weight off of one area of the body, the weight goes somewhere else. Usually to the back. 

Unless your back pain is brought on suddenly by an injury as in a fall or car crash, most back pain comes on slowly until you reach the tipping point. You are crooked. 

 We get used to bad posture. It's our normal.

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The Vitruvian man, Da Vinci's geometric equation of human proportions is perfect. The body is meant to be proportioned and balanced. Every part has a job to do, especially to carry it's own weight.  

For every 1" your head is in front of your body, add 10 pounds of extra weight to the cervical spine.

In the body, for every inch, your spine is off neutral, including a rounded upper back, or an excessively flat low back, add 15 pounds of weight to the spine. It's very common to see posture off by at least one inch. 

Poor postural habits are when it is easier to stand or sit in a crooked manner. We get used to this and eventually crooked becomes our new normal. 

Other parts of your body must compensate for an unbalanced or poorly aligned spine. Some muscles get tight to hold the imbalance. Spinal ligaments shorten. The spine wants close in on itself.

posture, pureposture, spine alignment, back pain

You Are Not Alone

Almost the entire population (93%) of  America has experienced back pain significant enough for them to seek professional help. Most of this is NOT from injury. It is because of poor posture. 

Of course, there are other reasons for low back pain. Doing a day of repetitive lifting like cleaning the garage, can certainly fatigue the back. This is temporary. Some medical conditions are responsible for back pain and should be mentioned to your doctor if the pain persists. 

Below are some of the characteristics of back pain which is caused by poor posture:

  • Backache that is worse at certain times of the day
  • Pain that starts in your neck and radiates down to your lower back
  • Back pain that fades when you changes your position while sitting or standing
  • Sudden pain when you do new chores or sit on a new chair at work

Your spine is strong and stable when you practice healthy posture. But when you slouch or stoop, your muscles and ligaments strain to keep you balanced. And that’s what causes the pain in your back. With that, it is recommended to maintain a good posture whether you are sitting, standing or taking it easy.

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