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How are Americans being affected by their bad back?

Almost 90% of Americans have, at one time or another, sought professional care for their neck or back pain. According to the American Chiropractic Association it is a leading cause of disability. 

And it’s getting worse. Over the last 25 years back and neck pain has increased by 54%. The explanation – our lifestyles. We sit too much! 

Back pain specialists are alarmed at the overall posture of millennials. They are the first generation to use electronic devices starting in early childhood and as a consequence have more back and neck pain at that age than their parents.   

Back pain is very BIG Business. We are spending over $50 billion a year in direct healthcare costs. Coupled with 246 billion/year in lost work and productivity, that cost balloons to over $100 BILLION annually. 

Back and neck pain is the number ONE reason for calling out from work and is the number ONE cause for disability. 

Unfortunately, 50% of the people seen in the Emergency Room for back pain (one of the top 3 reasons), are treated and prescribed narcotics or opioids. Twice as many narcotics and opioids are given to back pain patients than to cancer patients even though most of the new and very powerful drugs were discovered to meet the pain levels seen with cancer patients. Hummmm…..

It is no surprise back pain has played a significant role in the current epidemic of drug related deaths. One can say back pain in the gateway drug!

Why do people get back pain?

For the most part back/neck pain is considered a ‘soft tissue injury’. 

Soft tissue includes ligaments, discs, and muscles. Pain is usually an accumulation of several minor sprains or strains as opposed to one traumatic event. 

Even an ankle sprain can contribute to eventual back or neck issues. 

Think about it. You favor the sprained ankle, putting more weight on your good leg than your injured leg. As a consequence, you start leaning more on one side than the other. This weight imbalance causes excessive wear and tear on one side of the body. 

After a few months your sprained ankle has completely healed but your posture is still favoring that sprained ankle. Could be a knee, a hip, a shoulder. 

Now you are crooked. 

Crookedness is not exclusively side to side. It can be front to back and this is SLOUCHING. 

Slouching is when your head is in FRONT of the body instead of being on TOP of the body. Technically it’s called ‘forward head carriage’ but it also affects the upper back (buffalo hump https://pureposture.net/hello/buffalo-hump, the mid back and the low back. 

Boiled down, a sprained ankle could be the beginning of a cascade of spine issues including herniated discs, degenerative joint disease and arthritis.  

People With Back Or Neck Pain Have Bad Posture

I believe spinal posture is the most underrated health condition (other than Covid-19) in medicine today. 

Poor posture is not limited to problems with the spine but also the internal organs. I actually wrote a blog about theimportance of posture

It is important to understand people with bad posture either currently have back or neck pain, or they will. Bad posture is always involved with injury, either as part of the injury or immediately following the injury. 

If Back Pain Is So Prevalent, What Can We Do?

Whether back pain gives you bad posture, or bad posture gives you back pain, there are things you can do to help yourself. 

The three components to fixing a bad back or neck.  

  1. Correctly align the vertebra in your spine 
  2. Increase spinal flexibility so you return to a full range of motion 
  3. Increase postural muscle strength to maintain the improved posture. 

Remember: It does not make sense to build muscle on a crooked spine. So, align the spine and increase flexibility before trying to increase muscle strength.

Unless you see your chiropractor regularly it is difficult to align the bones in your spine by yourself, but it can be done with a back posture corrector device. The best way to increase flexibility is to regularly practice yoga or a comprehensive stretching program. Strengthening exercises can easily be incorporated into your daily routine. 

We have the answer to align your spine, increase spinal flexibility, on your own. At home, on your schedule. It's a posture corrector device and it’s called PurePosture. 

What is PurePosture?

PurePosture is a back posture corrector device to align the spine. Using your own body weight and gravity, the unique design lengthens spinal ligaments allowing the joints between each vertebra to glide into a correct stacked position. 

As necessity is the mother of invention, so was the invention of PurePosture. We could not find a single back corrector that could align each vertebral segment independent of the next. Individual vertebra alignment is key to correct alignment and although there are many ‘posture correctors’ on the market, nothing except PurePosture meets the challenge of true spinal alignment. (This GIF shows how it works.)

Posture correction through the back (spine) gif

It took 2 years of testing and many prototypes to meet our high clinical standards. During the early stage we had 3 goals: 

  • First, do no harm. It had to be safe for everyone regardless of their current or previous back problems. 
  • Second, it had to be effective with measurable and reproducible results. 
  • Finally, it had to be easy to use at home and comfortable enough for daily use. Many people use PurePosture more than once a day.

When we were finally confident PurePosture met all the goals as a back corrector we brought it to our patients, some who had significant spinal issues. Our patients loved PurePosture from the first time they tried. Most of our patients own one.  

We found PurePosture absolutely wonderful keeping our patients aligned between chiropractic adjustments.  

Why use PurePosture as a back corrector? 

We know Americans have back pain. We also know treatment of back issues is very costly, takes months to repair – many people never fully recovered from a back problem. And if you are unfortunate enough to head to the Emergency room, you are likely to be prescribed narcotics to mask the pain as opposed to fix the root of the problem. The first thing you can do to start improving your posture is by taking a simple posture check at home.

PurePosture is about self-help. In the privacy of your own home, on your schedule, you can realign the spine in a little as 10 minutes. It may take several months to fully recover from a significant back injury, but if you can do something about it yourself, rather than run off to the chiropractor or physical therapy, isn’t that a better solution?

PurePosture is great for the entire family. One board comes with a set of risers and there is an option to purchase different size risers to meet the needs of everyone in the home it also shows you how to realign your spine

When your spine is aligned, your posture is improved, your back is more flexible and you are confident you can return to those activities you once loved but don’t now because of your bad back. 

Getting your life back. A very good reason to take control buy purchasing a back posture corrector, PurePosture.

Enjoying better posture with no pain is a good thing. And so is good spinal health for your overall wellness. 

How to use PurePosture?

PurePosture is easy to use. Place the back posture corrector on a firm surface and lay down. During the few minutes it takes to use, you move periodically so that the board aligns 5-7 different spinal levels. PurePosture effectively encompasses the entire spine, from the base of your neck to your sacrum. 

Oftentimes you may hear ‘pops’ or ‘cracks’ when you lay down. This is a good thing. It means built up gas is being released from the joints between the vertebra. Within seconds you will notice how much more relaxed your back feels and the pain is melting away. 

Here is a quick video showing how to use PurePosture.  


  • Improved or eliminated back and neck pain
  • De-stressed spinal pressure
  • Increased flexibility
  • Boost to overall health

And if you are not completely satisfied with our claims…

Our Guarantee

Try PurePosture for 60 days, if it does not fulfill your hopes, or if you are not completely satisfied, return for a full and quick refund.

PurePosture, the ONLY true spine posture corrector device, is suitable for EVERYONE who sits for extended time. It is also wonderful for the entire family.


A smart choice to improve and maintain good spinal health.