posture spine alignment

PurePosture is a revolutionary, at home, therapeutic device which:


In as little as 5 Minutes a day All YOU have to do is lay down on your back and breath!

Tested on hundreds of patients, 

PurePosture is a therapeutic board built to relieve back pain, neck aches and improve posture in just minutes a day.

PurePosture stretches and lengthens your spine using your own body weight and gravity.

Begin at the top of your spine, lay down slowly on the natural wood arched supports (risers), you will feel pressure points that instantly begins to release the stress and tension between the vertebrae. Breathing deeply into the stretch will help relax the muscles surrounding your spine. Moving your body up the board directs energy to the vertebral segments relieving pressure and tension in the lower and upper spine.

PurePosture helps balance your front body with your back body which is vital to our health. The natural gravity of the Earth works to pull us down daily, the older we get the harder it is to combat.

PurePosture…..in just minutes a day…..you lift yourself up and feel your best again!

As no two bodies are alike so results may vary.