Ballroom Dancing

How PurePosture helps you perform (click here)

When it comes to performing and allowing your skill to take center stage, you must have good posture. Posture is one of the first things everyone notices. On the competition dance floor or on stage, you will be overlooked if your posture is anything other than attention getting. Judges are looking for that one person or couple that really stands out.

Great posture makes it easier to remaining poised. Great posture shows confidence. Any mistakes you may make are redeemed by great presence. 

Most dancers know how important good posture is and it's a pleasure to watch them move about the floor with ease and grace. And it's not just for the young. I recently watched Joel Grey do a quick performance on Broadway, he was amazing and no one would ever guess his age was then 83! (I had to Google it). His posture was impeccable, his movement was wonderful, and his voice as good as ever. 

So try this out: rest your head on your chest and try breathing deeply. Then lift your chin so it’s level with the ground and try again. Easier? The more easily we can draw breath, the more we can provide fuel to our muscles (and brains) – and that means more energy during those grueling competitions, on the stage, and late night socials. Breathing properly improves focus, helps with nerves and can even lower blood pressure. 

Bad back? Weak knees? Pronated ankles? All these things are symptoms of poor posture, and in most cases, all can be alleviated once that posture is corrected. This reduces the chance of more serious injury later on.

Stand tall and put it all out there!

PurePosture is specifically designed to increase thoracic spine range of motion at each vertebral level. Increased flexibility in the thoracic spine allows for a lifted chest, relaxed shoulders and correct posture.