For Ballroom Dancers



In ballroom dancing beautiful posture, frame, AND precise, fluid flexibility gets you noticed.

These are the most important essentials separating amateurs from professional dancers.

ALL movement, including your limbs, ideally originates from your core.

Your 'core' is NOT simply stomach muscles, but rather, your entire trunk.

Your trunk is limited by the strength and flexibility of your spine.

This is where we come in.

It's called PurePosture 


Here's How It Works

1. Set the board up

Place PurePosture on a sturdy surface like the floor or a lightly padded bench, beds are too soft. Set your timer to 90 seconds.

2. Lay down on PurePosture

Starting with the risers at the base of your neck, just relax. After 90 seconds move to the next vertebral segment, and so on until you reach the sacrum (tailbone area.)

The entire spine is aligned in less than 10 minutes.

3. Enjoy improved posture & flexibility

You'll feel (and see) posture improvements even the first time you use it. After a few weeks, you will notice big changes in your posture and how you move. Soon slouching is a thing of the past!

Like learning a new dance, PurePosture helps maintain your aligned spine through muscle memory.

What Makes Pure Posture Different

Invented By Chiropractors

PurePosture was invented by chiropractors to relief back pain and to maintain proper alignment between visits. At home use.

Can be used several times per day, several times per week or as needed.  

Safe For Pre-Existing Back Problems

PurePosture is safe even if you have a herniated or bulging disc, mild to moderate scoliosis, or have undergone spine surgery (1 year). Arthritis, no problem. Choose the correct size.

Easy For Travel

Like taking your chiropractor with you! The board is compact, has two handles for easy carrying, is very durable and, beautiful. Traveling is often stressful on your spine. PurePosture is the solution.

Choose The Size That Fits You


If your back is stiff and sensitive, PIP is perfect.


If you have normal flexibility choose UNI.


If you want to amp up your already good flexibility, TEX is for you.

No need to worry if the size you order isn't right, we will swap it!

PurePosture Compared To Other 'Posture Correctors'


We Have Changed 1000s Of Spines


Satisfied PurePosture Customer

I tried it right when I opened the package and wow! I heard a few cracks! As I got up, my back pain/soreness instantly melted away. I’m so shocked how effective it is. Love how light and compact the product is too! So impressed that it’s made from wood. Super convenient for storage and traveling.

Julie Luu

Verified By TrustPilot


I Love This Product

I LOVE this product. It is really helping my back and my posture. thank you.

Verified By TrustPilot

I tried this product at a trade show, and purchased it immediately. I am 29 and I have posture issues, and I found that it helped release tension and stress in my back. I use it all the time.


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This is great for the mid scapular area and can also apply...

I have been wanting something that I can use at home to put pressure on my upper back by laying on it!

This is great for the mid scapular area and can also apply pressure to the back of my head on either side of my spine.

A bit painful at first but it gets easier each time as spasms get better. Love it!

Jennifer L Burke

Verified By Amazon

My back was hurting I tried this product and within a few minutes, the pain was GONE!

Easy to use. I am so happy! I’ve told my family and friends.

Awesome product. Thank you for inventing it!

Veronica M

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Everything and Then Some

In just the short period of time I am already noticing an improvement. I can feel my spine moving into alignment slowly each and every time I use it. I have been using it twice a day and may increase it to three times.(it just feels that good)! Being in the healing profession myself, I believe this product should be in every household. By far and away, THE ABSOLUTE BEST PRODUCT I HAVE PURCHASED TO DATE!


Verified By The Grommet


Our Guarantee

Try PurePosture for 60 days, if it does not fulfill our claims, or you are not completely satisfied, return for a full and quick refund.

PurePosture is great for ballroom dancers. It is also wonderful for the entire family.

A smart choice to improve and maintain good spinal health.

Leave it out. See it, use it.

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