PurePosture posture spine alignment
PurePosture Board, Including One Set of Risers

PurePosture Board, Including One Set of Risers

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Would your life be better if you could change your posture in 7 minutes? Free up your stiff back in 5?  Or eliminate or, at the least, reduce your back or neck pain in 10 days or less? Hard to believe, not really.

The body was meant to move. Posture, how you hold yourself, is more to blame for spinal related problems than anything else. It just makes sense: when your spine is flexible and aligned, your body is balanced and plumb. Sometimes your back just gets stuck. 

PurePosture is an amazing device which shifts the spine into alignment using your own body weight and gravity. Your joints slide, your muscles relax, you stretch your spinal ligaments. Intended for easy, at-home use. Brilliantly designed, exquisitely sleek.

  • Patented by a practicing physician, inventor

  • Beautifully handcrafted, ergonomically correct

  • Tested for 4+years for safety, comfort, effectiveness

  • Excellent reviews, launched on The Grommet

Stand up for yourself!  Move like an athlete. Order yours today!

P.S. Standing tall looks very sexy, confident and thin...check out the results page.

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