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Sciatica is the Ultimate Pain in the Butt

July 01, 2019 2 min read

Five Causes for Leg and Buttocks Pain

Ever experience a tingling sensation in your leg and foot? What about your buttocks?Maybe an electric shock-like feeling down the leg?

Photo of a male humans nervous system being shown through an XRay

This may be a result of sciatica, a symptom involving irritation and inflammation of the sciatic nerve.

What is Sciatica?

Sciatica is a symptom with pain ranging from an intermittent dull ache to extreme sharpness in the entire leg. Most sciatica is one-sided, affecting only one leg.

If you experienced sciatica once your symptoms may never return, but what caused it in the first place?

FIVE Causes of Sciatica

  1. Injuries - Not Necessarily Traumatic- Not all spinal injuries are traumatic. You may not even notice how far out of alignment your spine really is. Hello, sciatica!  

  2. Thinning Lumbar Discs- Poor postural habits wear down the discs in the spine. Thin discs decrease the area where the sciatic nerve exits (degenerative disc disease to occur).
  3. Disc Herniations- End plates of the vertebra become weak and create cracks in the bone. The lumbar disc comes in contact with the sciatic nerve.

  4. Piriformis Syndrome- The piriformis muscle in the butt is responsible for hip rotation and keeps the sciatic nerve in place.Piriformis Syndrome can be the result of overdone exercise, like walking, running, or squats. But ifbutt muscles are weak, the piriformis is tense and puts pressure on the sciatic nerve.  

  5. Anterior Pelvis - Too much curve in the small of the back. The joints in the lumbar spine are brought closer together, closing down the room needed for nerves exiting the spine.

  6. Pregnancy-The rapid "front-end load” during pregnancy requires Mom to lean back for balance, bringing the lumbar vertebra closer. Pregnancy causes loose joints, muscle cramps, and frequent sciatic pain. This is generally temporary and sciatica recedes after giving birth.

posture sciatica pain spine alignment

Tips To Help With Sciatica

  • When sitting, keep the knee of the affected leg higher than your hip. This puts the lumbar spine in a slightly rounded position taking the pressure off the sciatic nerve. Put something under your foot on that side to raise the knee.
  • When laying on your back or hanging out on the sofa, put a cushion under your knees.
  • If you are a side sleeper, put a pillow between your knees to keep your hips aligned.
  • When driving, bring your seat a bit closer to the wheel and move the seat back farther back creating a 'bucket seat'. This helps to bring the knees up higher than the hips.
  • Ice your buttocks.

A strong, flexible spine is the first step in preventing and assist in healing sciatica. PurePosture can help. It is a one-of -a-kind device to align the spine, increase flexibility and help solve neck and back pain. It is easy to use, fast and safe. Most important, it is effective. Check it out.

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